July 4th drive in the Malibu Mountains

Kim and I headed out to Malibu today to join the Vintage Motoring folks for a non-sanctioned, non-organized, non-event drive in the gorgeous mountains above Malibu. I’d just put the car back together after a reasonable extensive going over, (which I need to chronicle here) and I’m pleased to report that things went pretty well. we had some issues early with a blown fuse, and then the fuel... read more

Paramount Raceway Footage -1956

My car would have been brand new, and still in Germany, at the time this footage was shot.  But it was filmed not far from where I live, on a famous southern California racetrack. From the Vimeo Description: This footage is from the August 1956 running of the Paramount Ranch Road Races. The property is now most famous as the location for many Westerns shot by Paramount in the mid 20th Century. For... read more

My wife’s blurb about the MG

written by Kim (the understanding wife) –   Geoff and I took the MG out today for a number of errands and fun stops like lunch and the movies. I have to admit, when he asked what car we were going to take before we left the house, and suggested we take the MG since the skies were clear and blue, a small part of me thought ‘Oh no, it’s going to be too cold, windy, and... read more

Memorial Day 2011

Kim and I joined a group of vintage motoring enthusiasts for a spirited drive in the Malibu mountains.  Super good times, and I was pleased with how the car ran.  A very cool collection of cars, and it was good to meet many of the people I’ve interacted with on the forum fun roads and good driving. [nggallery... read more

Long drives and exploding parts – The fix

Back story After getting some good advice online, I bought a new ignition coil, and determined the oil in the engine bay was from the coil (whew, one problem to fix, not 2!), not the engine. I installed, but the engine wouldn’t start, and the distributor was smoking. DAMN. i’d wired it up backwards, and fried the Petronix ignition system. order a new part, and hope it comes in. it... read more

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