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Memorial Day 2012

Another great drive with the group.  Gorgeous cars, nice folks, and fun roads.   I  had a great time.  Unfortunately, my car suffered twice from what I think was heat related vapor lock.  Unfortunately, after I got it going the second time, my tranmission/clutch was toast.  Not sure what it is yet, hopefully it won’t be terribly hard/expensive to fix.   Good times... read more

July 4th drive in the Malibu Mountains

Kim and I headed out to Malibu today to join the Vintage Motoring folks for a non-sanctioned, non-organized, non-event drive in the gorgeous mountains above Malibu. I’d just put the car back together after a reasonable extensive going over, (which I need to chronicle here) and I’m pleased to report that things went pretty well. we had some issues early with a blown fuse, and then the fuel... read more

Memorial Day 2011

Kim and I joined a group of vintage motoring enthusiasts for a spirited drive in the Malibu mountains.  Super good times, and I was pleased with how the car ran.  A very cool collection of cars, and it was good to meet many of the people I’ve interacted with on the forum fun roads and good driving. [nggallery... read more

The Nethercutt Collection

The Nethercutt Collection is an nice collection of cars in California. We hit it up as part of a drive. Worth a visit, especially if you are interested in the grand touring cars of the 1920’s and 1930’s. [nggallery id=7] read more

Long drives and exploding parts – Part 1

Um, well I’m glad I have included tow coverage on my insurance. Would have been an expensive day if I didn’t.The 1st 10 hours confirmed both myself and my wife on the joys of classic car touring, so it was a good day overall. We left out place early, 6:45 and headed north on some fun roads up to the Nethercut ( a little heavy on large touring cars of the 20s/30s for my taste, but still well... read more