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New Tonneau cover

Thanks Mom and Dad for the Christmas present! My car came with no top, simple the metal frame. It’s a fun car, not a dialy driver, so I wasn’t worried about fitting a full top, but I wanted some protection when I leave it parked somewhere. I decided to fit a tonneau cover, and my Mom and Dad got it for me for Christmas. Quite pleased with it. It was a bit more effort to get all the... read more

Elbow Grease – Polishing the paint

My car is old, and when I bought it the paint showed a lot of oxidation and some fading (along with a few dents, lots of chips, etc.), particularly along the tops of the fenders and the hood. I’m not certain if the paint is original, but I’ve looked pretty closely and can’t see much evidence of a respray.  If there has been one, it was a long time ago.  The car hasn’t been... read more