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Long drives and exploding parts – The fix

Back story After getting some good advice online, I bought a new ignition coil, and determined the oil in the engine bay was from the coil (whew, one problem to fix, not 2!), not the engine. I installed, but the engine wouldn’t start, and the distributor was smoking. DAMN. i’d wired it up backwards, and fried the Petronix ignition system. order a new part, and hope it comes in. it... read more

Long drives and exploding parts – Part 1

Um, well I’m glad I have included tow coverage on my insurance. Would have been an expensive day if I didn’t.The 1st 10 hours confirmed both myself and my wife on the joys of classic car touring, so it was a good day overall. We left out place early, 6:45 and headed north on some fun roads up to the Nethercut ( a little heavy on large touring cars of the 20s/30s for my taste, but still well... read more

Temperature Gauge

Since owning my car, the temperature gauge has never worked. This worried me, especially since MGA’s are known to run hot, and summer was fast approaching. I was planning on taking my gauge out and sending it to be rebuilt, but had been putting it off, since it would mean I couldn’t drive my car until I got the rebuilt gauge returned. Since I drive the car once a week or so, I didn’t... read more

Slipping Clutch

I drove the MG today, and it felt weird. Not quite like something I’d ever felt in a car before. Started fine, as normal, and settled into a happy sounding idle, but as I drove, it felt weird. Sort of like my transmission had been replaced with some rubber version. When the rev’s would climb on the engine, the speed would not repond proportionally. Normally, it feels much more immediate. Today... read more

Electrical gremlins and fixes

My first few weeks of ownership were characterized by happy fun driving in daylight, with no issues, and flickering headlamps and dead batteries after dark.  I started to feel like Cinderella, rushing home before my coach turned into a pumpkin. I didn’t always make it. Tracking down the issue was complicated because, well, I’m just learning this stuff, and not only did I have to figure out the... read more