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Paramount Raceway Footage -1956

My car would have been brand new, and still in Germany, at the time this footage was shot.  But it was filmed not far from where I live, on a famous southern California racetrack. From the Vimeo Description: This footage is from the August 1956 running of the Paramount Ranch Road Races. The property is now most famous as the location for many Westerns shot by Paramount in the mid 20th Century. For... read more

MGA’s at Le Mans in 1955

I’ve enjoyed reading more and more about the history of the MGA, and really enjoyed this short book, wirtten by Bryan Moylan and scanned and hosted at the excellent It’s a history of the three prototype cars that raced at LeMans in 1955, to introduce the MGA to world. It’s a short, quick read, but essential reading for those interested in period racing, and especially for... read more

Vintage footage of MGA’s in action, and other MG sportscars. (updated)

(Link Fixed) This is an absolutely awesome video. It features a number of MG cars from the mid to late 50’s, being put through their paces on track and at the salt flats. Super fun to watch. I can’t get the embedded video to work, so you’ll have to follow the link. Trust me, it’s pretty cool. ... read more

The big day. Bringing home my first classic car.

When I was a kid, my Dad had an MG Midget, and I used to beg for rides in it.  We even had matching driving caps.  I grew up loving old cars, reading car magazines, etc. etc.  My dad moved on to more modern sportcars, but I always loved older cars.  Particularly sports cars from the 50’s and 60’s.  In the last few years, as I’ve gotten a little more stable in life, I’ve thought... read more