Video of the 1971 BMW 2002

For Sale?

This car is a super clean 1971 BMW 2002 tii.  It is a 1971 body and chassis that has had a complete rebuild/restoration with the drivetrain from a 1974 tii. This was professional done less than 10,000 miles ago, using a rust free car for the body.   Although certainly not original, it means you truly get the best of both worlds, with the great looks of the early cars, and the power, reliability and refinement of the tii. this car is an exceptional driver.  It is solid, handles amazing, and is remarkably civilized for a 40+ year old car.   I’d feel comfortable driving it anywhere, and it could easily serve as a daily driver.   It attracts all kinds of attention, it’s rare to drive it without compliments from strangers.



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  1. Al Tirella says:

    Couldn’t find it on ebay. What’s the price range?

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