My new Velocette


I was born in England, to british parents, but grew up in the states.

Growing up, we’d go back to england to visit grandparents and relatives every few years, and my great-Uncle Norman would show up onĀ VelocetteĀ LE. He purchased it new in 1954 (as I understand it) and it’s a Mark II. It was the only motor he ever owned. He never drove a car, nor even owned a powered lawn mower. My great-aunt was scared of the bike, so it was not uncommon for them to show up separately at occasions, her having rode the bus. Anyway, I loved the bike. When Norman was in his 90s (!!!) the Dr told him to stop riding, and he sold the bike to my Uncle Brian. I’m told the deal was done for the original invoice price, which Norman thought was great, having had nearly 50 years of “free” motoring beyond consumables.

My Uncle is now in his 70’s, and has some balance issues resulting from a stroke that make riding impossible. He knew I’ve always admired the bike and enjoyed mechanical things, and has asked me if I’m interested. I was actually there a week ago and saw the bike. It’s largely original, under a current MOT, and appears in good shape with a patina that shows many years of careful use. We only had a few minutes with it in the garage but it appears in very good condition. We didn’t get it to start, but my Uncle was riding it as recently as a year ago.


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